New York Times: Party Predictions Differ in Texas on Impact of New Voter ID Law


Article Date:FEB. 5, 2014

Most people don’t come back,” said Representative Marc Veasey, Democrat of Texas, who is a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the state challenging the law. “The law is doing what we said it always would do, which is to prevent people from voting and ultimately prevent people from coming back in that situation.

MSNBC: Rep. Marc Veasey on “All In With Chris Hayes


Article Date:Jul 29, 2013

Rep. Marc Veasey of Texas and Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice Julie Fernandes, now Senior Policy Analyst at the Open Society Institute, will join Chris Hayes to talk about the attorney general’s proposal and what it means for voters’ rights in Texas.

BET: Congressional Black Caucus Declares Gun Violence State of Emergency


Article Date:Jul 11, 2013

BET, Joyce Jones
Congressional Black Caucus Declares Gun Violence State of Emergency
The alarming frequency of gun violence in Chicago has made the city the face of what is in fact a disturbing national trend. Just last night, four people were shot. During the Fourth of July holiday weekend, for the second consecutive year, 16 people were killed and an additional 70 received gunshot wounds. Since the start of the year, 188 murders have occurred.